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Put on Your Running Shoes in Running

I’ll be the first to admit here, I hate running. You know, I’m brutally honest with you. Yes I really do, but that doesn’t stop me from including it in my workouts. Some people actually love to run; running puts them in a place of calm, ease and accomplishment.

Ever wondered why running workouts are actually included in almost every workout program on the planet? Running is actually called the universal workout – a Fit Fem fun fact! Running is a very important part of life, and nobody who had the ability to do so would have passed up on the chance especially when they were young and strong.

After a child learns to walk, the next thing he or she would eventually learn would be how to run. Think about every sport played and fun games played in schools, like basketball, soccer, and hide and seek; they all include running. Or how about the fitness tests we had in school during gym time; the mile? Even when we grow up, the very likely thing to do to start our workouts would be to run on the treadmill or to jog outside.

See, running has so many benefits; this is the reason why many people include running exercises in their workouts that could last from 5 to 60 minutes. It isn’t hard to see why people run, but for the benefit of those who couldn’t, here are some interesting facts about running:

Running would promote the production of good cholesterols, and that is one main reason why so many people who have suffered and survived a heart attack would be most likely incorporating running workouts after they recover, of course if the doctor permits them to do so. It speeds up metabolism and efficiently burns fat leading to weight loss. Running workouts would hugely benefit your lungs and heart, as you are catching your breath and stopping for a while to get your heartbeat back to normal. It could also be a social activity, as there are many people who could run the same places and the same distances you run, and seeing them do such could actually make an instant connection. Some even enjoy participating in marathons as it lends enjoyment and achievement.

Running on the treadmill ain’t so bad too, especially if you can’t afford running outside the house. The best thing you could do then is to simulate the outdoors, so put on your running shoes and take it to a higher level each and every time so that it feels as if you are running outside.

Running workouts reduce stress levels and many people use this exercise to let them think clearly and block out unwanted things from their minds. They use running to de stress and decompress.

So, how are you going to incorporate running?


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